DOXA School Year Kick-Off | August 8

Middle and High School Students AND Parents of students, we will be having our 2018-19 School Year Kickoff on Wednesday, August 8, from 6-8:15 PM. That's right, we want the parents to attend Doxa as well on this night! We will share a meal together, play some adult vs. student games, share the vision of the ministry, communicate the plans for this Fall semester, worship together, and pray together. We really want ALL students and parents to attend Doxa this night if at all possible. Whether you've never come to Doxa, rarely come, or come on a regular basis, we want you there! Please sign your family up if you're able to come so we can plan accordingly for food and child care (5th grade and younger).

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Available for 5th grade and younger.
Available for 5th grade and younger.