2017 Elder and Deacon Recommendation Process

It is that time of year to consider new elders to serve at NewBranch. In doing so, we are also soliciting recommendations for deacons. The processes for both positions are similar: recommendations from church, evaluations by elder board, approved names put before the congregation, and finally congregational vote. During the month of June, we are soliciting names for both elders and deacons. In general, these positions are only available to those who have been members of NewBranch for atleast one year. Elders should be men, while deacons can be men or women. As far as responsibilities, elders are those who are responsible for leading, teaching, and shepherding the flock. Deacons are those who are exemplary for their service to the church. In short, elders are pastors who shepherd, and deacons are servants who serve. 

To read more specifics regarding elders and deacons, please click the appropriate links below. Once you have read through this information in its entirety, you will be prompted to complete a recommendation form for either a new elder or new deacon (please note that you must receive permission from the individual before submitted their name for consideration).