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Words That Hurt, Words That Heal

What:  Words That Hurt, Words That Heal Online Book Discussion

When:  December 5 - January 2

Where:  Closed Facebook group discussion online (join here)

Details:  Questions and encouragements will be posted weekly and everyone will have the chance to share what they are learning. 

Led by:  Debbie Settle and Angela Mitchell

Books:  We have purchased a limited number of copies available for purchase (contact Angela if you are interested) or you can order a paperback or kindle edition here.

Ladies, we would love for you to join us in reading the short book, Words that Hurt, Words That Heal  by Carole Mayhall this Christmas season and participate in a 5 week Facebook book discussion. We will create a private group page where we will be posting weekly for encouragement about what we are learning and for discussion. The study will begin on December 5 and run through January 2 (further information will follow signup). This is meant to be a very convenient online discussion to keep us grounded in truth this holiday season.

The truths of scripture expressed in this little book can save time as we avoid choices that require time and emotional energy to unravel. In light of the holiday season coming up we know that they can be filled with challenges where we might yield to our flesh and use words that are not consistent with our identity in Christ. This book is also an easy read, but filled with "toe stomping" application.

Debbie Settle and Angela Mitchell will help facilitate and lead discussion. Debbie shares the impact this book has had on her - "I discovered this powerful little book in 1986.  I have reread it a number of times through various seasons of life and each time the Lord used it expose areas in my heart, thoughts, and words that needed to change.  I look forward to reading it again and discussing this very practical application of scripture with NewBranch ladies.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17 

You can order a paperback or kindle edition here.

Please follow the link to join the Facebook group for the book discussion.

Contact Angela Mitchell with questions. 

We are looking forward to studying and growing with you! Let's do this friends!