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The Campaign will run through August 2019.

The Vision

The vision behind this capital campaign is about more than just a building. The primary mission of the church is not to build buildings or raise capital, but to “make disciples of all nations”, and this doesn’t change with our ownership of a permanent facility. Instead, owning a building galvanizes our efforts to reach, equip, and send disciplemakers for the glory of God. 

In the sovereign plan and purpose of God, He has placed each of us at NewBranch Community Church at this opportune time, and as we “Put Down Roots” together in this community, we are committing ourselves to this mission for this and future generations.  

The primary mission of the church is not to build buildings or raise capital, but to make disciples of all nations.

God doesn’t need us in this endeavor, but He has chosen to use each of us as He accomplishes His purposes. He doesn’t need our money, but He has chosen to use our faithful stewardship to accomplish great things for His kingdom.

As we grow in our faithfulness to God’s calling on our church during this campaign, we also eagerly expect to see Him grow us spiritually.  We anticipate the spiritual vitality of our church and our collective love for Him to soar during this campaign as we make great sacrifices for His glory.

The Commitment

If NewBranch Community Church is to become the Gospel light that our community needs, we must be imitators of our Lord (Ephesians 5:1). One part of becoming all Christ wants us to be is to demonstrate faithful stewardship. A steward is one who manages another’s resources. God is the owner – we are the managers.

Faithful stewardship involves allowing God to use our time, talents and resources. It means having a willingness to share as God has blessed us. Faithful stewardship cannot be based on our effort to develop spiritual worthiness – rather it is our response to God’s grace!

Why should i be a faithful steward?

All we have belongs to God.

As we acknowledge God’s ownership over everything and accept our role as His stewards, we are simply returning a part of what God has entrusted to us (James 1:17; Psalm 24:1 and 127:1).

God is pleased when we obey Him.

Our giving should be a loving response to our Lord. Giving then becomes an act of worship and results in a more intimate relationship with God (2 Corinthians 8:2-5).

Giving brings JOY to the giver.

The joy results from being unified in our devotion to God and in knowing you had a part in reaching someone for Christ. In giving, we become participants – rather than mere spectators (1 Corinthians 9:7).

Building Details

New Building Photo.jpg

3805 Braselton Hwy Buford, GA 30519

  • 7.8 Acres

  • 7,800 Square Feet

  • Worship Center for 200

  • Fellowship Hall (with full kitchen)

  • 2 Offices

  • 5 Children's Classrooms

  • Playground

  • Picnic Area