Go and Serve on a Short-Term Mission Trip

Each year we take teams on mission trips to places like Ghana, Indonesia, Boston, and Appalachia (among others). If you would like more information about serving on a short-term mission team, be sure to check out our missions table at church for current events or contact Ken Rucker.

Support Our Missionaries

NewBranch is a "sending" church. We have aided in sending several of our own families to Boston, Ghana and Indonesia and support a family in Costa Rica. To learn more about our missionaries, click here

Pray for Unreached People Groups

An unreached or least-reached people is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize a people group. Specifically, NewBranch has adopted the Akyode people of Ghana. The Akyode are an unreached people group located in the Northern parts of the Volta Region of Ghana, bordering Togo. These are the people that our missionaries, Chris and Dana Holloway, are serving. To find out more about the Akyode, visit their page on the Joshua Project.

Pray for the Persecuted Church

Every year 160,000 Christians are killed because they love and follow Jesus Christ! In nearly 40 countries around the world, Christians experience serious persecution because of their faith in Christ. For some it is illegal to convert to Christianity, and for others it is illegal to even practice Christianity. For some the persecution comes in the form of discrimmination and confiscation of property, for others it comes in the form of physical violence and beatings. Yes, this is happening in the 21st century..in our world...right now! Above all else, what our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ are asking for is prayer. Not prayer for the persecution to be removed (for they know that where persecution happens, the church grows stronger)...but they ask for us to pray that they would have the strength and the courage to stand up under that persecution, and for God's perfect will to be accomplished FOR THIS GLORY!