Strategic Life Planning Program

Dear Friend,

We want to share with you some of our life lessons that we have learned from the passing of my wife and father, and David’s father. We are currently sharing this information with the members of our church, NewBranch Community Church, in Buford, Georgia.

We are calling this program Strategic Life Planning. The portfolio below contains information on the program including additional documents that would be good to have located in one place. We are proposing two steps to help families be better prepared for life’s storms.

Step 1: Complete 5 time-sensitive documents

  1. Last Will and Testament
  2. Living Will
  3. Medical Power of Attorney
  4. Financial Power of Attorney
  5. Insurance (i.e.: Term, Whole Life, Long Term Care, Final Expenses, etc.)

Step 2: Develop a system for storing all important family, legal, and financial documents. We are proposing that each family have a three ring binder to file all the appropriate documents (both Step 1 and Step 2). Also, you could store this information electronically if you prefer.

Please feel free to share this information with your relatives, friends, neighbors and your church family. If you would like an electronic version of this information, just let Earl know by email. Please note that this information is provided for free and is all public domain. To God be the Glory.

Warm regards,

Earl Turner (, 770-331-8809) and David Settle (, 706-424-9504 )


Click here to open the Strategic Life Planning Documents.

Click here to open the Strategic Life Planning Documents.

Click here to open the SLP Dashboard Document. 

Click here to open the SLP Dashboard Document.