Time to Replace the HVAC System

History: When NewBranch Community Church purchased our current property in October 2016, we acquired the facility in what realtors call “as is” condition.  That means we knew we purchased a building with a 20-year-old roof and HVAC system that both needed to be replaced in the future.  We have been blessed to work with Ash Electric since moving into our facility.  David Ash and his team not only restored the HVAC system to operational status when we first moved in but have also donated countless hours of labor to keep the system working properly over the past 1 ½ years.  Because David Ash loves the Lord as we do, he has willingly donated both his time and expertise and our church has benefited greatly from a cost standpoint.

During the spring and summer of this year, we have added freon to the cooling system several times.  However, the HVAC system has leaks that are not cost effective to repair in a 20-year-old system.  Unfortunately, the cooling system is a custom engineered system made by a German company for which parts are no longer available.  A team of our men who are familiar with commercial HVAC systems obtained several quotes on replacing our current system.  The low bid from Ash Electric was just under $55,000 and came in lower than other bids largely because all the electrical panel work would be donated. 

Current Funding: We recently replaced the roof on our facility and were blessed with private donations that covered the entire cost.  We had planned to fund the roof replacement from the funds from our capital campaign – Putting Down Roots.  Since the full cost of the roof replacement was covered outside church budget funds, we now have $15,000 available from capital campaign funds to direct toward the HVAC system replacement.

Financial Need: NewBranch will need to raise an additional $40,000 to cover the cost of replacing the HVAC system.  We are asking our church family to pray with us for God’s provision over the next few weeks as we communicate this need.  Special offerings for the HVAC Replacement Fund will be received during any Sunday in August, by designating your gifts as “HVAC”.  Any contribution to the HVAC Replacement Fund should be over and above your regular tithes and offerings and your designated giving to the capital campaign “Putting Down Roots”.