Church Library Instructions

Check Out

  1. Before you can check out books in the Church Library you must be added as a "patron" to the library system. In order to request a "patron" account, please fill out the form below. Patrons will be added to the library once a week. You only have to request a patron account one time.

  2. Go to the Church Library page and select the book you would like to check out.

  3. Enter the password that is displayed in the Resource Room in order to check out your book.

  4. Click check out, select your name, and then click check out to complete the process.

  5. Please return your book within 31 days.


  1. Place your book on the bottom shelf in the Resource Room where it says "Return Books Here."

Sign up to be a “Library Patron” in order to check out books

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If you have any questions about how to check out a book, please email Jonathan Mitchell.